This is to record my opinions about the solidity of "Aidos Kuneen".

(here in after, this is called "ADK".)

What is the ADK?

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I am writing this because after nearly 3 years of watching ADK, now I finally understand the reason why I am so attracted to it.


Don, a professional investor, has confidence about the price rise of ADK, so I examined the reasons for that.


To speak frankly, all the spot ADK in circulation will gather to the administration from various routes. Even if the ETF does not come, it’s no problem as long as online banking is implemented.


The following is some outlines.

The topic I am most interested in is online banking and ETF which lead to price rise, and the usage of ”Whale Trades (which is to sell at a high price and repurchase at a low price in order to increase inventory, done by big holders) " in order to handle selling pressure.


(1)Online Banking

Regarding this main topic, Don estimated around 200,000 people to open an account on the first year, from his experience with offshore banking.

200,000 people will purchase ADK in order to open an account on the first year, and the purchased ADK will be kept under the management of the Aidos Foundation.

The account opening fee is around $250 to $300 for personals, even higher fees for corporations, so supposing 1 ADK=$5, that means 10,000,000 ADK gathering to the bank per year. That is inconceivable, so the price will soar just by the buying pressure of ADK in order to open an account.

Also, this buying pressure will constantly continue every year. There will be people wishing to open a new account every year, and also there will be many people around the world reaching the age and state that enables them to open an account.

Thus, the gathered ADK will be ADK that the Foundation does not have to cash in immediately.

As for the account opening fee, it will be net profit, so the Foundationdoes not have to sell for a cheap price.

In addition, as for the actual demand of ADK, high price will not be a problem. It will be “$〇〇 worth of ADK instead of 〇〇pieces of ADK”, so as long as it is necessary, it will be purchased.


This actual demand will increase along with the progress of this project, and the circulating amounts will decrease, leading to the soar of the price per 1ADK.

This flow will make the price closer to which the administration desires.




ETF is a trigger for the price soar of ADK. It is elective, but if it realizes, it will get attention throughout the world.

Currently, ADK is not well known, so if ETF happens, investors in the cryptocurrency fields will all start investigating it. Then, what they will see is;

・The first multi-bank owning in the cryptocurrency field. Already owning in Kenya and Tanzania, obtainment in Uganda and Eurozone close at hand.

・The bank above will be non-AEOI and will be in the offshore (tax free for non-citizens) area, so deposit from wealthy people is expected.

(Moreover, the founder of ADK is a veteran banker with 14 years of experience in offshore banking.)

・ADK will be used to open an account.

・An official sponsor for the national basketball team in Kenya. ※ AidosKuneen sign can be seen clearly on the teams’ uniform.

・Owns 2 football teams.

・Has original media including television stations, and shows numerous ads of ADK during sportscasts.

・Has mentioned in the past that has measures prepared to replace M-PESA, the heavyweight of Kenyan mobile money.

・The development is still continuing, and if Step 2 is put into practice, it will have top-class  functions as a cryptocurrency, such as anonymity, quantum tolerance, remittance speed, and free remittance fee, etc.


And so on, which is more than enough to interest investors.


Presumably, I reckon that at least 1% of the funds in the cryptocurrency fields will inflow. That makes an inflow of $3.2 billion (a rise of $128 per 1ADK).

Once the system is settled and ETF starts, the participation of institutional investors who had not joined the cryptocurrency fields can be expected.



The scale will be over $5.3 trillion just in the worldwide ETF market. If just 1/1000 flows in to ADK, it will lead to a soar of aggregate market value of $5.3 billion (a rise of $212 per 1ADK).


And the most important thing in ETF is that the actual ADK can be exchanged to ETF through the Badoer Group.

The spot goods will be gathering at the administration here also. This spot goods does not have to be liquefied immediately, which means that the spot goods in the market will be reduced over again.



The above is a simple ADK price hike scheme.

(3) Countermeasures for “Whale Trades”

This would be extremely simple.

ADK will start showing fancy performances such as the start of online banking and ETF soon. Currently, new listing is in progress, but this movement will be accelerating.

The trade of ADK will be available not only at the Exchange, but also at agencies and banks.

If it is listed with turnover in a plurality of places, it will be a target of arbitrage transaction, which means that if it is dumped at one place, it will be purchased there and sold at another place.

If that is the case, large dumping will be absorbed by arbitragers, which will lead to the end of “Whale Trades”,


The below is some articles I wrote in the past, with some corrections.

Please take a look if you have some time.



The below is an itemized price rise and real business scheme of ADK.


①Conversion by Cryptocurrency Exchanges at Aidos Bank (the bank network of ADK) →

Cryptocurrency Exchanges which have difficulties in opening bank accounts will use Aidos Bank.

②The opening of accounts online by offshore players→

This is the main project of ADK, and what I have mentioned in the beginning.

When offshore players open an account online, ADK will be used for the handling charge, which will be gathered at the bank.

The account opening fee is around $250 to $300 for personals, even higher fees is planned for corporation accounts.

→ADK will be gathered at the bank.



ETF itself has the potential to bring on the jump in price.

It is a trade that everyone in the cryptocurrency field is hoping for, and once it happens, investments from institutional investors outside of the cryptocurrency field can be expected.

The gross amount would be so large, around over $5.3trillion in the whole world. If just 0.1% of the institutional investors aim to purchase, the aggregate market value will become $5.3 billion ($212 per 1ADK).

Also, the impact it would give to the cryptocurrency field would be quite hefty. For anyone who is investing in cryptocurrency, the realization of ETF will be quite attracting.

When it is investigated, there will surely be a class that will invest quite an amount to a project so secure as this. Saying 1% of the funds are invested, that will be $3.2 billion, which is $128 per 1 ADK.


The below is the flow after listing on the market.

After Nairobi, Don is trying to get ADK listed on the Johannesburg and London Securities Exchange, so I think it will lead to the popularity of ETF of ADK. To make that happen, the price must rise right after ETF starts, to create a mental situation that the purchase of ETF  will be profitable.

A large amount of investment money will flow in once ETF is implemented, which leads to a rise in the price which makes it easy to create such a mental situation, but a mechanism is necessary to keep the rise in price going on.

ETF has a move that the arbitrager will fill in the gaps between the spots, so it is necessary for the ETF price and the spot price to rise in a race-like manner.

In addition to the price rise of the spot based on demands, and the movement to fill the price differential divergence by arbitrage, by exchanging spot goods to ETF the number of spot goods in the market will decrease, which will lead to a price rise spiral.

(※Spot goods can be exchanged to ETF through the Badoer Group.)

The actual ADK will be gathered to the administration here also.


※There is a possibility that the arbitrage above will not be with ETF, the main arbitrage might be with the spot goods (the exchange rate between ETF and spot goods is not planned to be 1:1).

Anyhow, regarding the price hike, ETF and spot goods will be interacting with each other.

→From now on, actual ADK will be handled in numerous exchange spots and banks. Then, fluidity and total transaction will increase, and will become a target of arbitrage between exchange spots.

Even if the price heavily falls in one exchange spot due to dealings by big holders, arbitrager will fill in the price differential, so “Whale Trades” cannot be done.


※According to what Don has said, ETF claims that actual ADK can be exchanged to ETF.

Also, they are working so that they can sell actual ADK to stock exchanges through the Badoer Group.

This means that the actual ADK will be gathering at the administration here also.



~Backgrounds of this Conjecture~

Don has repeatedly said that the administration does not have to sell ADK for a cheap price.

Nearly half of the money used in the bank purchase is from Don’s own fund. Expenses such as travel expenses to Kenya is also from his own funds, not from money earned from selling ADK.

(He said that funds from foundation will be used for buying bank shares, therefore money from selling the 

ETF (those ADK come from the foundation) will be used for buying bank shares as well as promoting ETF.)

As seen in ①~③, the gathering of ADK to the administration has a deep effect in the price hike.

It would be like a stock buy-back, and the number of ADK in circulation will decrease significantly.

To speak of extremes, if the administration can collect all the floating ADK except for the ones owned by the “Tightly Holding Group (a group with the investing style of keeping cryptocurrency for a long term aiming to get profit)”, the selling price can be decided by the administration.

If they decide not to sell until $2,000, and the “Tightly Holding Group” does the same, it will not be shown on the selling board under $2,000.


The reason such thing can be done in because in Don’s business, there is no obstruction when the price per piece rises.

The part used in the actual demand is ““$〇〇 worth of ADK” instead of “〇〇pieces of ADK” , so it does not matter how high the price per 1ADK is.

Also, the important thing is that, since this is an actual business which produces profit, there is no need to sell out the ADK that was gathered by handling charge and such.


The price will soar high from ETF and online banking, but after the administration collects the actual ADK, I think there will be no more extreme fall of prices.

This would be the most effective countermeasure for “Whales”.

Maybe Don is sufficient because he thinks that he can make the situation that, if it is dumped it will be bought by actual demand, and even if one wishes to buy back, the price will not fall.

The scheme for price hike is laid out perfectly; ADK will be necessary to be used as a fund to build the next bank network, by its’ own price hike.



Getting people together, fix up social infrastructure, creating employment, take charge of finance, possessing media and provide convenience to people, give them entertainment and education.


Is there any other project that does all this business, for real?


Airdrop, Burn, Hard Fork, Listing of Exchange Spots, Listing Votes, ICO, IEO, STO, partnership, partnership, partnership…

All of the other types of business in the crypto field seems to look so childish, compared to Don’s oppressive business concept.

Since Don is not a man from the technical line, it is taking some time to develop, but the speed in the business line, which is where Don belongs to, is phenomenal. And there seems to be even more in progress.


“Don, the founder of ADK and who has been inaugurated as an executive in multiple banks” has said that “After the approval from the Central Bank, ADK will be used for banking”, so I think there is no need to question that.

There might be some worries considering the fact that the name ADK in not heard so much, but as Don says, it will be distributed at the most effective timing.

I expect that Step2 implementation, Sumac Bank, Hakika to the announcement of online banking and the beginning of ETF will be made public in succession.


The reason why I have started tweeting about ADK recently.

The price has fallen and criticism has increased, and I see the seniors who have provided ADK information being attacked.

So, to show my gratitude, I decided to write my own views about ADK, as objectively as possible.


I think that even the haters feel excitement and might even feel favorable about the contents of ADK itself.

It is still cheap, and I think now is the time to stock.

But, as Don says, “Don’t use money in a hurry”, “Don’t sell out for a cheap price”, “If you are worried, purchase after the official announcement”, so I think the timing is up to you.


Thank you for reading my personal opinion, in such a long writing.

I am sorry if there are any mistakes, misunderstandings, and inept remarks.

Thank you again for taking your time to read this.